Al Fouad Jewellery Aussie Mike's


About us and our history

Al Fouad Jewellery LLC / Aussie Mike´s is an internationally family  owned and operated business, passed down through 7 Generations of the Sobbi family from Kuwait, Sydney and here in Dubai.


We specialised in hand-crafted and custom-jewellery, made to last a lifetime with the benefit of a wholesale price. Our Jewellers are all on-site and have over 40 years experience working with jewellery. We also have access to a global jewellery market and offshore companies. May it be the hand-crafted masterpiece to pop the question, a birthday gift, or for a christening - we offer a range of top-quality silver, 18ct, 21ct and 22ct pieces as well as diamond and precious gemstone rock.

We are Diamond Wholesalers and can provide our wholesale price to our public. We also provide repairs, remodelling and restoring services for any jewellery item.  


Relying on word of mouth and recommendations from our customers, our company has been able to continue to provide its services, enabling us to gain not only  customer for life but another member of our jewellery family.

We all have a duty and our duty is to deliver you the best that we can in:

> Price

> Quality

> and Jewellery Items that will last a lifetime.  


We are open 6 days a week and are more than happy to assist you in your jewellery needs and concerns. We are just an email away.